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Trader Chris Consignments is a based out of Pittsboro, North Carolina. We have 15+ years of experience utilizing eBay and have held both Power Seller and Top Rated Seller status. We take pride in have a 99.9% satisfaction rating left from nearly 6000 unique buyers and growing. All of our consignments are fully insured and stored in a secured area that is monitored for both fire and theft.


Growing-up, my father fell in love with garage sales. At least 1-2 times a month in the spring through fall, Dad would head out early on a Saturday morning to hunt for treasures. I could always tell when he had a good day when he came home with a big smile. Sometimes, he simply found good deals on things for the home, like tools, furniture, or a vital piece of yard art. Most of the time, he found interesting odds and ends that would get stashed away for months or years, to be given away as gifts when the occasion presented itself.

As a result, Christmas at our house was never normal by any standard. Since Dad typically paid $0.10 on the dollar for most of his items, he could afford to buy 10 times the normal amount of Christmas presents for us (in addition to the things we had requested from Santa). It wasn’t usual to come down Christmas morning to find the entire room filled with presents and sometimes spilling into another room. He would often chuckle with delight and say “Oh yea!” as he watched us unwrap the gifts that he had squirreled away throughout the year. Although the presents were sometimes a bit weird, they were often thoughtful (and sometimes really funny!)

As I got older and started high school, the internet was becoming more popular. When I first learned about eBay, I thought it was like some magical store where you could buy anything. My first purchase was an Aiwa Minidisc player, so that I could make my own music mix for the gym. Later on, my first sale was the factory CD player for my 1994 Dodge Dakota. I had it replaced because it wouldn’t play burned CDs very well and was missing a knob. Someone out there thought it was worth about 2/3 of the value of the new unit I had just installed. I knew that I had stumbled onto something good!


Trader Dad

Trader Dad.

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