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4 Easy Ways to Boost eBay Sales

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When you’re experiencing sluggish eBay sales, here are four simple, yet effective ways to boost your sell through rate.

1. Browse the competition. A search of the recently sold items on eBay will provide an idea of what types of items your competition has been selling lately. Sellers of interest can be bookmarked by adding them to your favorite seller’s list for quick reference in the future. What types of items are they having the most success with and how often are they selling these items? What do their listings look like? What are their sales terms? You’d be amazed how much you can learn just by looking carefully at other seller’s listings.

2. Review your pricing strategy. If you’ve had an item listed for 3 months now with no offer, it’s probably time to make a change. Take a few minutes to re-assess the market and review similar items that have sold recently. Consider reducing your price to entice buyers, or using the “Make An Offer” feature if you want to get a better idea of what buyers are willing to pay. Items in high demand may even do better if listed at auction, especially if you have a group of similar items to sell at the same time. If you do auction them, be sure to stagger the start times and offer a combined shipping discount for multiple purchases.

3. Take better pictures. eBay is probably the most widespread marketplace online, connecting millions of buyers and sellers throughout the world. Not everyone may understand English, but they will understand great pictures. Look for ways to make your pictures stand out, especially the lead shot that’s used for the preview. Eliminate distracting backgrounds by using a pure white or a gradient background. Crop the lead photo closely to the item, so that the details are clearer to people that are casually browsing. Offer more pictures in the listing, which provides greater reassurance to buyers about the condition of the item.

4. Expand your offerings. Sometimes, a slowdown in sales can be attributed to seasonal shopping trends. Other times, it may be a matter of running out of popular inventory. In either case, expanding your inventory can help provide a more consistent baseline of sales, which will help ease the feast-to-famine mentality.

Not sure what to offer? Try looking for inventory that you have a personal interest in. You’ll be better positioned to purchase and re-sell inventory if you enjoy what you work with.

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