Trader Chris Consignments is a home-based consignment business out of Pittsboro, North Carolina that specializes in selling valuable collectibles and jewelry on eBay. Please take a few minutes to browse our website to get a sense of what we sell and how the process works. For questions or to set an appointment, please call Chris at (919) 448-7325 or send an e-mail to chris@traderchris.biz .

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Latest Blog Post

Collectibles as an Investment

People collect all sorts of things. I’ve seen doll collections, Hummel collections, sewing machine collections, mahjong collections and porcelain Collie collections, just to name a few. People often spend thousands of dollars and years growing their collections, only to find out that the value for most items tends to decrease over time. So how do […]

The Catch of a Lifetime

I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Alaska for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Amongst all of houses and small cabins that dotted the small fishing town that we stayed in, I wondered what sort of fishing treasures of yesteryear existed. Antique fishing lures and equipment can be highly collectible, with certain items […]

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Trader Chris

@USPSbiz Why does the USPS send certain shipping supplies via Parcel Select when it should be cheaper / faster to ship them Priority Mail?